Sarria Cemetery

Camí Cementiri de Sarrià, 10. (Open Map)


For a leisurely stroll through history

Situated in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi part of Barcelona, Sarria Cemetery (Cementiri Sarrià) is a historic spot where once the village of Sarria stood. Sarrià dates from the year 987, but few relics remain from those times.

The serene park-like atmosphere here, and ancient tombstones, make for a fanciful stroll. Barcelona actually has quite a number of ancient cemeteries similar to the one in Sarria. Situated within the narrow corridors of this part of town, the burial places are now used a bit like city parks, pedestrians often taking the time to walk through or even picnic amid the ancestors of the city. Put simply, this cemetery is a beautiful green place in a metropolis.