Foment de les Arts Decoratives i del Disseny (FAD)

Pl. dels Àngels 6-5. (Open Map)


Art and Culture Preservation Organization

The Foment de les Arts Decoratives i del Disseny (FAD) (Fostering Arts and Design) is a group that maintains the integrity of Spanish design’s culture. At the headquarters you will find it self-labeled with large, steel letters.

FAD gives out awards and grants to promote artists throughout Spain and around the world. FAD also features exciting workshops that are open to the public, known as the Tallers Oberts. Workshops are held by artisans of the Raval, enabling FAD to give back to the community. Mercadillos are also present for young designers to sell their products at bargain prices. Check out the exhibits displayed at FAD, which often feature utilitarian objects from across the globe.